I am Dierdre C.

I can be reached at dierdre at

My hand is out to you as you continue on your path to freedom.

  • Because of time constraints on my end, please make emails short and to the point. If I am able to respond to recovering fundamentalists, I will, briefly.
  • If you send me an email, I will assume that it is ok to quote from it in a blog posting, if I think doing so might be helpful to others. You would not be identified, of course.
  • I must remind you that I am just a Granny-Moses-type of layperson, passing on some of my lessons. I have NO training in counseling, psychology, or anything like that. If you are struggling, please seek out a professional counselor for assistance. If you cannot find someone locally, you might read Marlene Winell’s book, Leaving the Fold, and consider connecting up with her network. I have never spoken with Dr. Winell, though I have read her book.
  • For those happy in their religions, please do not write me. You can feel at peace, because I know everything you would say to me, having said it to others in my youth. On the other hand, if you can come to this website with an open mind, you are more than welcome.

Choice of My Name

I chose the name Dierdre C. for use with this website for several reasons:

It is an Irish name, and the ancient Celtic women were fighters.

“Dierdre” means “sorrowful,” and can be a lot of sorrow in telling our stories. We bear witness. I bear witness for your sake and for the sake of the children.

The “C” refers to my grandfather, who came from Florence, Italy, the home of the Renaissance…where the human mind was honored and and there was freedom of thought.

Lastly, if I can avoid being tracked down by extremists by using a different name, that sounds like a good plan to me. If anyone feels that a loving God has told him to knock me off, please be aware that two other women are staying here, too. They have never seen this website. Don’t harm them by mistake. I’m the one with the gray hair and the tan car. Thanks for your … consideration.


Dierdre C.